Australian-Born Artist Summer San Releases New Song ‘Headshot’

Australian-born singer-songwriter releases “Headshot” as one of the main ingredients in her long-anticipated 6-track debut EP. This piece by Summer San falls under the genres of Alternative / Indie, R&B, Adult Contemporary, and Alt Pop, and it is a great mixture of them all.

Australian-born singer-songwriter, who was raised by two energetic and dedicated artists, Summer San, an artist, grew up in a musical environment. Summer is a quiet young person. From a young age, she used songwriting as a form of self-expression, when words failed, she found a voice. She, later on, let this inspiration pave the way for new opportunities in her carrier.

The burgeoning singer-songwriter is looking for knowledge and fresh inspiration. Around the age of 18, she traveled to Berlin to study electronic music production and started to establish herself as a creative. She quickly received a selection to attend the RedBull Music Academy in Tokyo, where she developed close working relationships with a few of the additional performing performers.

Once more, Europe drew Summer, who traveled to London to work behind the scenes with various artists before continuing to her adopted city of Amsterdam. Her ideas and inspirations aligned after earning her audio engineering degree from the Abbey Road Institute. She created her debut EP, “Bad Advice,” after honing her technical skills and getting inspiration from her trips.

Listen and enjoy the new release below!


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