Australian Group Sophian Return With New Track ‘Georgia’

Australian group Sophian have now released their brand new song “Georgia“, with some beach vibes, they are the next indie pop-rock band you need to get to know!

In “Georgia”, you can hear some gorgeous guitar chords, suave keyboards, and gently guiding drums, completed by the beautiful sugary vocals from frontman Sophian Manik that pilot the track’s charismatic verse, as it elevates towards a mesmerizing chorus, swaying with vibrancy and spirit.

This is how “Georgia” inaugurates its enchanting nature, and thanks to the band’s chemistry it spotlighted the buoyant bridge, as fuzz-laden melodies collide before a gang-vocal break heightens the song towards a purifying finale.

The group is composed of Tyler, Michael, and Julia, that are highly skilled and experienced musicians who collide with a variety of influences from Coldplay to Kings of Leon, Spacey Jane, and Jeff Buckley to create a dynamic, genre-fusing, and energetic performance.

Not ones to be missed, Sophian promises to bring you on a journey with them through skillful storytelling and their warm and vibrant presence.

This song inspires and spreads happiness through the lyrics and also the melody. The song itself is about a sailor falling in love with a mermaid but finding it difficult to maintain the relationship given their differences.

It’s also a metaphor for what relationships in real life sometimes can be like. As the group loves the ocean and the beach it was natural for them to explore a song that would incorporate the memory of the ocean waves and also the campfire vibes of bringing people together.

Listen to their brand-new single below:


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