New York Singer Noy Markel Unveils New Single ‘Sometimes’

New York-based singer Noy Markel has released her brand new song Sometimes“, the first single off of the artist’s upcoming project, co-written and produced by Tim Atlas. Indeed this song follows on from her debut album released earlier this year, Running From the Shadows.

“Sometimes” was born out of a conversation on perspective, and how all of us get lost in our thoughts and create our own reality. The idea of watching different sunrises. The singer wanted to celebrate the hide-and-seek relationship we have with ourselves. A way of owning our own narrative by letting go. She wanted the music to feel like an escape and a celebration of the whole process.

Noy Markel’s captivating vocals and Tim’s innovative production style come together seamlessly to create a dynamic melody that is both catchy and thought-provoking, leaving listeners feeling energized. It’s an anthem for those who feel lost and overwhelmed, taking the long way to find their own path.

But Noy Markel is also an emerging artist who has a unique soulful sound blending pop, R&B, and alternative music together. Her empowering, relatable lyrics and dynamic production have garnered her a dedicated following.

Listen now to the new single “Sometimes” by Noy Markel below:

Photo Credit: Francinia Casimiro


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