Australian Rapper Donny D Unveils New Song ‘Maria’ Inspired by His Hispanic Roots

Australian rapper Donny D has just released his latest single “Maria,” a rap song with a pleasant backing music that is sure to captivate listeners. The song tries to pay homage to Donny D’s Hispanic roots by incorporating a brief guitar melody. It’s a perfect track to add to your summer playlist.

The subject matter of “Maria” deals with Donny D’s marijuana addiction, which he personifies in the song as his “sweetheart Maria.” It’s a sensitive and intimate topic that he addresses with honesty and vulnerability.

In an interview, Donny D shared, “Maria represents that thing in your life you just can’t shake. You’re starstruck by it, even against your better judgement. The record captures that feeling of something having more control over you than you realize.”

The song’s verses are full of meaning, with lyrics like “When I’m with her she got me charged up, Don’t like to think about the hard stuff. Real stuff. She make it real rough.”

“Maria” is accompanied by a music video shot in Donny D’s hometown of Fairfield. The video features a lively house party with a backdrop of south-west Sydney, showcasing the rapper’s roots and adding to the song’s overall vibe.

Overall, “Maria” is a strong addition to Donny D’s discography, showcasing his unique sound and style. It’s a must-listen for any fan of rap music.

Watch the video for “Maria” below:


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