Swiss Talent Mary Middlefield Releases Debut Album ‘Thank You, Alexander’

Switzerland-based singer, songwriter, and composer Mary Middlefield has just released her highly anticipated debut album, Thank You, Alexander. This personal project includes twelve tracks that showcase Mary’s unique creative approach, as she explores new musical horizons to provide the most transparent version of herself.

Born mid-pandemic, Thank You, Alexander was Mary’s cathartic response to heartbreak and sadness. The album reflects her journey through themes of infidelity, romance, and abuse, with songs such as “Band-Aid”, “2001”, and “This One’s For You”, garnering support from music publications like Clash, Notion, and The Line Of Best Fit.

As Mary prepares for forthcoming shows and live sessions, she’ll be performing album cuts to give fans a taste of her deeply personal music.

According to Mary, “Shortly after beginning the project, the title ‘Thank You Alexander’ came to me in a dream. The album takes an arc from the problems I had around me throughout my relationship, amongst other things that I wanted to explore further.

It’s a vivid reflection of a period of my life that was very dark, which gets more intense as you listen through. All the songs were originally Folk cuts before we decided to push them forward to the final record you hear today“.

Mary Middlefield’s musical journey has been influenced by her background in classical music, having played the violin for 15 years. “Last Letter” is a standout track on the album, as it reflects a handwritten poem that later became the opening track and Mary’s favorite song.

“This Ones For You” and “Two Thousand One” explore romance and emotional abuse, holding significant meaning for Mary. Meanwhile, “Mama Told Me” discusses the universal feeling of losing parents, with Mary dedicating the track to her Mother, who supported the new direction of her career.

Side B begins with “Firearm”, “Requiem”, and “Mass For The Dead”, all resembling a leitmotif that reflects Mary’s classical origins. Translating her deep thoughts surrounding emotional abuse, “Mr. John” reflects the journey of her inner emotions before “Band-Aid” and “Case Closed” close out the album.

Although some of the record was recorded in London, Mary developed it in her native Switzerland alongside close collaborator and producer Gwen Buord. Using the process as a method of therapy, Mary’s album is a testament to her exceptional talent and her ability to face life’s challenges through her creative endeavors.

Thank You, Alexander lays the foundation for what’s to come and showcases Mary Middlefield’s potential as a rising star in the music industry.

Listen to album closer “Case Closed” below:


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