Austrian Duo Aze Unveil R&B-Pop Bop ‘Sweet Talk’

Austrian duo Aze have shared their new track titled “Sweet Talk”.

Growing up together, Beyza and Ezgi form the group Aze. The duo combines perfectly sad and sexy sounds along lyrics full of charming and playful vibes sharing a glimpse of their inner selves.

Mixing R&B, indie and pop but also with oriental music, Aze allow their self along the listeners to feel, to expressed and to proceed each emotion. The duo also knows how to add some humorous parts to soften the reality.

After taking the stage of many venues through Austria and playing along pop band Lola Marsh, Aze have launched a heated and rising single “Sweet Talk”. The R&B-Pop bop track is an addictive piece of art which make the listeners obsessive with the song from the first listening.

The single is coming along with a second track, the personal “Sidewalk”, unfolded on May 13.

Taking inspiration from a voice memo by Beyza dedicated to Ezgi, “Sweet Talk” is a retrospective of Beyza stuck in relationship devoid of joy, but she chooses to “sweet sweet talks” herself, trying to forget this awful feeling. While “Side Walk” is about the painful feeling of the situation leading to nowhere.

Accepting the fact of a meaningless relationship, even knowing it is not the right way to react to this situation. The tracks come out along a cute-perky music video starring producer Jay Thuender. Aze is set to realise their debut album during the summertime. Stay tuned!

Watch their “Sweet Talk” video here:


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