Los Angeles Based Artist Earth To Eve Has Shared Her New Track ‘Everyone Says’

On May 7, indie pop artist Earth to Eve has unfolded her brand new single titled “Everyone Says”.

A New York City native, she moved from the East coast to the West coast and set herself in the Californian city of Los Angeles. She displays a large range of activities which include creative director, director and producer of each visual and music video accompanying the songs.

Struggling with Bipolar Disorder, her lyrics are transmitting deeply personal messages and genuine feeling about her mental health and substance abuse.

Her singles have the particularity to share with the listeners honest and authentic thoughts without filters giving a feeling of reading a diary. Doing this action, Earth to Eve has the objective to give support to the listeners.

Speaking about her new track “Everyone Says”, the artist states: “I wrote this song on my bedroom floor when I first moved to Los Angeles 3 years ago. It’s about all the ridiculous pieces of advice people have given me to try to ‘cure’ my depression. It’s a lighthearted and chill song about self-reliance and self-love: I don’t need anyone to tell me how to live my life. I’m fine just doing me.’ It was then mixed and mastered by an engineer named Max Harwood. who I met via Instagram!

Listen to “Everyone Says” here:


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