Avant-Pop Riser Caroline Polachek Unveils New Album ‘Desire, I Want To Turn Into You’

The long-awaited new album Desire, I Want To Turn Into You by avant-pop singer Caroline Polachek is now available.

With a body of work that demonstrates her range as an artist, Polachek has created a matserpiece. Each song builds upon and reacts to the last, taking things in a completely new direction while blending seamlessly with the other songs using her distinctive vocal range.

This album’s co-producers, Polachek and Danny L. Harle, experiment with melodies and sounds that are less common in popular pop, such as Scottish bagpipes in the song “Blood And Butter” and flamenco rhythms in the song “Sunset“. This album is an beautiful experience, with luscious vocal embellishments, lyrics bursting with to love, and intensely forceful synths.

The highlight tune “Fly To You” is created by the trio of Polachek, Dido, and Grimes as a mashup of vocal jigsaw pieces woven into a moment of absolute bliss.

The previously released singles “Bunny is a Rider“, “Billions“, “Sunset“, “Welcome To My Island “, and “Blood And Butter” all built up to today’s release, captivating fans before the album ever came out.

Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Billboard, Stereogum, New York Times, Vogue, Fader, Vulture, Time, and many other publications have already expressed their significant interest in the record.

Since the success of her experimental pop masterwork PANG in 2019, anticipation has been high for this new album from Polachek.

Keep an eye out for Caroline Polachek this year, but now let’s enjoy her new album, Desire, I Want To Turn Into You, which is currently available for streaming below!


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