B.Miles Releases Thought-Provoking New Track ‘Emergency Contact’

New York-based musician B.Miles has released her first track of 2024 titled “Emergency Contact.”

Known for her distinctive sound, she has been described as “a bridge to pop music’s future” by Ones To Watch. Her music is also praised as “universally addictive” by Nylon and as “giving us the language when our emotions are hard to explain” by Refinery29.

“Emergency Contact” tells the story of personal reflection and relationships. B.Miles shares the inspiration behind the song, saying, “A few summers ago, I sat with a bunch of friends in a backyard asking them who their emergency contact was. I’ve always been fascinated by how someone picks one.”

She moved across the country from her family many years ago. During her 20s, her significant other was her emergency contact. When they split up as she entered her 30s, she realized there was no one else she could choose.

She added, “Adding another layer to that is, in reality, your old ‘emergency contact’ is still around – and you can still technically reach out to them – but there’s a fear that holds you back from doing so.”

“Emergency Contact” follows her 2023 album Different Pages, which explores outdated expectations placed on women in their 20s and 30s. B.Miles channels various influences in her music, from Serge Gainsbourg to 90s pop icons.

Her previous works, including the album In Order Of Appearance and the single “Salt,” which has over 27 million Spotify streams, have solidified her reputation in the music industry.

Her new track continues her trend of tackling deep, emotional subjects with relatable lyrics. Fans of her previous work will find “Emergency Contact” both familiar and refreshingly insightful. With this release, B.Miles provides a soundtrack for personal reflection.

Listen to “Emergency Contact” below!


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