Mexican-American Musician Adan Diaz Strikes Again With ‘Jerk x2’

Rising indie sensation Adan Diaz is back to captivate hearts and ears with his latest single, “jerk x2” available to stream now under the esteemed GODMODE label.

Known for his guitar-driven melodies and emotive lyricism, Adan continues to define a new era of musical expression with his compelling blend of sounds and storytelling.

“jerk x2” delves deep into the theme of infatuation and repeated mistakes. The song explores those moments where one finds themselves doubling down on errors, not just appearing as a “jerk,” but a “jerk x2”.

Adan’s poignant and vibrant lyrics, wrapped in addictive guitar chords, perfectly capture this raw emotion. The track is supported by Gorillaz-style animated characters, blending cutting-edge visual art with Adan’s poignant musical narratives.

Adan Diaz, a 20-year-old Mexican-American singer and guitarist based in Chicago, found his musical voice during the pandemic. Confined to his bedroom with a cracked version of Ableton Live, Adan began recording music daily, experimenting with different ways of singing, in both English and Spanish. This period of introspection and intense creativity gave rise to a unique musical vocabulary that reflects the emotional turbulence of this bizarre time.

With the support of the GODMODE label, Adan has evolved beyond his bedroom studio, embracing a more mature pop-rock style, marked by prominent guitar riffs and insightful lyrics about love and personal growth. His recent performances have been described as electrifying, engaging audiences with dynamic stage presence and infectious musical energy.

Adan Diaz recently wrapped up a successful 19-leg run supporting Good Kid’s “This Can’t Be The End” Tour, with standout performances in renowned venues like Elsewhere, Crescent Ballroom, Empire Control Room, and the Theatre of Living Arts.

Furthermore, with a confirmed spot at Lollapalooza this year, Adan’s fame continues to soar. His latest EP, luchador, reached #22 on the NACC charts, solidifying his growing influence in the indie music scene.

Discover Adan Diaz’s “jerk x2” now and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of this promising artist below!


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