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Bad Boys For Life, the belated sequel to the first two Bad Boys films, has had a very impressive opening weekend. So impressive, that a fourth film is already in the works. That was fast!


It’s no surprise when you look at the numbers. The film had the second-best second-best Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend opening ever in the U.S., and has already hauled in $106.7 million worldwide. It’s also received positive reviews. Not bad for a January release no one seemed to be paying much attention to.


Sony has already reportedly hired Bad Boys For Life screenwriter Chris Bremner to pen a fourth instalment, with the studio assuring that this time there won’t be a 17-year gap between films. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are obviously expected to return.


Directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah‘s involvement is up in the air, but they’ve proven that this franchise has legs without Michael Bay – director of the first two films – so it would make sense for them to come back.


It’s interesting to witness Hollywood trends and narratives quickly get flipped on their head. After Gemini Man failed back in October – a film marketed almost solely on the back of Smith’s stardom – it seemed that his box office prowess had diminished. Yet here we are and his involvement is being credited as the main reason Bad Boys For Life is doing so well.


Perhaps the combination of the lack of familiarity with Gemini Man, it’s competition back in October, and the existing IP of the Bad Boys franchise helped this become the hit Smith needed. Now don’t be surprised if a new Bad Boys film hits cinemas almost every other year after the success of this one.



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