BAPE Store New York Releases Capsule Collection For 13-Year Anniversary | Fashion News


In New York store in Soho of Japanese label BAPE will be celebrating its 13th anniversary this year. To celebrate this, the store has released a brand new collection over the weekend, which contains several exclusive BAPE items. To be more specific, it is a selection that has three pieces with signature front and back logos.


In the collection, you will find a sleeve shirt where they have added camo text alongside with two T-shirts that shows themes of the celebration. This goes well with the previous release from October, where we saw from the first batch of garments sporting of the labels purple NY camo motif that had a finished touch with the Liberty Ape!


Get a peak of the various pieces below and celebrate BAPE by wearing these nice shirts and hoodies over Christmas






The BAPE edition from October



The BAPE edition from October




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