Barrow Singer Wallis Releases Her New Single ‘Ain’t That Kinda Girl’

Barrow in Furness Singer Wallis McDowall released for us a brand new song called “Ain’t That Kinda Girl” featuring the rapper Destiny Lotus.

Wallis is a 25-year old singer from Barrow in the North West of England, she has been singing since she was 5 and she finally entered the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London. Then she continued until she started her own music career with her first single “Never Gonna Be”.

The singer chose a rhythm similar to Pop R&B with a mix between suave and moody from the verse to a fierce soul chorus. What we can hear from this song is a kickback against male vanity. Indeed Wallis wants to tell the truth about what men think and on the other side the real wish of women.

Wallis tells a great story throughout her singing but she has a background full of surprises between her loud personality and her strong Barrovian accent and her fantastic soprano pop vocals.

When we listen to her music, we can clearly hear some modern R&B mixed with a twist of pop, and thanks to her melodic vocals, this creates a sensual atmosphere.

Listen to her new single “Ain’t That Girl” below:


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