New York Artist Trent Monroe Unveils Infectious New Single ‘No Choice’

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Emerging New York artist Trent Monroe had shared his new single “No choice”.

With the help of his Caribbean roots along with his R&B background, Trent Monroe struggled to find the sound that made his heart beat. However, through this song, the American artist succeeds to overcome this issue by telling his story to the sound of drums rather than telling it through the melody.

Trent recorded his first EP in 2021 after building a support network of entertainers such as hip-hop mogul Master P, EDM producer Kill The Noise, Dizzy Wright, Emilio Rojas, Australia’s own Bliss n Eso, and production team I’ll Think In Ink.

Trent has dedicated over a decade cultivating his skills to become a talented singer-songwriter. His dedication to his profession and faith in God enable him to be relentless as he continues to make his mark in the entertainment industry.

His passion for music began as a child, taking him from cutting hair in upstate New York to becoming a celebrity hairstylist and successful singer in Los Angeles. The American artist brings a fresh face and voice to the music world.

Speaking about how the song came together, Trent says, “From my R&B background to being a vocalist for Hip Hop and EDM artist, I’ve struggled to find the sound that makes my heart beat. Finally creating from my Caribbean roots I began to tell my story to the sound of drums and not just melodies. All that mixed with a relationship that’s still under construction brought me to create this record“.

Listen to the new single “No Choice” by Trent Monroe below:


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