Barry Sloane (Aidan Mathis) May Be Leaving ‘Revenge’ TV Series | TV News

Barry Sloane plays Aidan Mathis in ‘Revenge’ TV series


Barry Sloane who plays the role of Aidan Mathis in the popular US TV series Revenge may not be returning for the forthcoming fourth season to pursue other acting ventures. The former Hollyoaks actor may instead opt to star in TV series The Visitors executive-produced by legendary director Steven Spielberg. The third season of Revenge is currently airing every Monday on E4.


Revenge focuses on Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp), a troubled woman who has led a traumatic life after her father was framed, by the show’s villians the Grayson family, for a crime he did not commit. Fast forward three seasons and viewers have eagerly watched Thorne destroy the lives of the people who put her father in prison leading to his death. Amazing writers and actors make this show invigorating to watch.


Spoiler Alert: The fourth season of Revenge begins with Emily Thorne waking up in hospital with amnesia. The season three finale saw Daniel shoot Emily on a yacht on their wedding day, when it was revealed she made up a fake pregnancy so he would marry her.



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