Bat For Lashes – In God’s House | Music Video

Bat For Lashes 19.03.2016ANDREW


Bat For Lashes’ new album, The Bride, tells the tale of a woman whose fiance is killed on the way to their wedding. Her new release, “In God’s House”, kicks off that story. It mixes seeming drum machine with brooding and moody keyboards, all plodding at a steady pace. The vocals are haunting, and not long into them it breaks into a beautiful passage of wonder, those keyboards conveying a very different mood to the previous.


However, these keyboards change the mood yet again, back to the emotions conveyed at the start; like going from manic to depressed. The video was conceived by Natasha Khan and co-directed by John De Menil. It sees a bride grieving at the grave of her lost fiancé, the sun setting behind her in the Californian desert.




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