Bavaria Studios Set To Remake ‘Das Boot’ | Film News

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Bavaria Studios Set To Remake ‘Das Boot’ | Film News


Wolfgang Petersen’s Das Boot is set to be remade, reports German magazine Blickpunkt Film. The 1981 drama, which follows the crew of a Second World War German submarine, will be remade by Bavaria Studios, the same production company behind the original. Christian Franckenstein, the studio head, is also looking to remake other German hit-films of the ’80s era.


Das Boot was based on a novel written by Lothar-Gunther Buchheim, who was stationed on a German U-boat during the war. It was one of the most expensive German films of all time but still went onto global financial success, both in its original release and the director’s cut, which was unveiled in 1997; it was also adapted into a six-part miniseries. The original was nominated for six Oscars, including ‘Best Director’ for Petersen, who went onto work in Hollywood and make films such as In the Line of Fire, The Perfect Storm and Troy.



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