Bay Area Singer Meaghan Maples Releases New Song ‘Rollercoaster’ | Music News


US soul singer Meaghan Maples has just unveiled her brand new soul song called “Rollercoaster”.


The track was released alongside one other song, “Love Ain’t On Time”, from the new piece by the Bay Area-born artist, the On Your Side EP. All three songs on the EP were recorded live at a ceramics studio in San Diego.


The artist’s soulful voice effortlessly flows throughout the track, making the song, an apology of the singer to her lover for taking them on a wild emotional ride, feel raw and real.


Meaghan Maples grew up singing in classical choral and gospel settings. She was just featured on NPR for her latest single, the title song of the On Your Side</strong> EP.


This EP is the second piece of work for the artist, after her debut album Good Reasons in 2015. Before releasing this first project, Meaghan Maples had a successful career as a songwriter and sync artist, under the pseudonym of Mama Haze.


She describes her new music as “less pop and less noisy, and there’s something really special and raw about it… It genuinely feels like an artistic rebirth”.


We’ll let you listen to “Rollercoaster” from her On Your Side EP here:




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