BBC Adaptation Of ‘His Dark Materials’ Has Found Its New Lead | TV News


Back in 2015, the BBC announced that they will adapt Philip Pulman‘s fantastic series in the form of a TV series called His Dark Materials, penned by Jack Thorne. The project has finally moved in the development stage and casting news were bound to follow soon.


Today, we are delighted to announce that Dafne Keen (who held her own against career-best Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart in Logan) has signed on for the titular role of Lyra Belacqua, a headstrong girl who lives in a parallel universe to ours, inhabited by witches, talking bears and a magical particle called ‘The Dust’.


The Dust has always ignited interest in the academic scholars and fear in ‘The Church’, a powerful and dangerous institution. Soon, Lyra finds herself involved in a conflict, which threatens to alter her world forever. In other words, a piece of cake for the young talented actress.


The new adaptation will very likely be helmed by Tom Hopper (Les Miserables) and Screen Rant has reported that Lin-Manuel Miranda will join the cast as Lee Scoresby, one of Lyra’s companions. A release date hasn’t been announced but if production takes place this year, we might be looking for a premiere sometime next year.



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