BBC Defends Sir Cliff Richard Coverage Whilst The Star Considers Legal Action | TV News

cliff richard


You never know the true impact of your decisions until all your chickens fly home to roost. The BBC has defended its controversial move to show helicopter pictures of the police raid of Sir Cliff Richard’s house, the singer criticising it for the invasion of his privacy. The star is even considering legal action against the Corporation, commenting:


I do feel that they owe me something. The police have apologised but the BBC hasn’t, and it owes me that. What they did was shameful. Somebody at the top [of the BBC] said: ‘Good idea. Let’s get this story’. And somehow they were able to get the police to tell them when they were coming”.


“It shouldn’t do that. I’m sure that was probably against the law. I always thought a police raid was supposed to be secret. Nobody should know. And yet the BBC were there. So they have a lot to answer for and that was real intrusion into my privacy. To actually film my apartment. It’s unforgivable“.



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