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The Night Manager


Talk of the hit BBC drama, The Night Manger, returning to our screens was sent into overdrive as Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Lawrie spoke exclusively to Radio Times.


Hiddleston believed “the story had been told” as the series was based on a book of the same name which they have now exhausted. However some of the characters could return in a different form. Sources understand that work on a new spinoff could begin as early as this month and feature a new plot to accompany new and old characters.


The first series, which also starred Oliva Coleman, attracted an average of around 8 million viewers per episode and achieved critical acclaim. Le Carre, the writer of the source book, wrote the text in 1994 and never penned a sequel so the script writer for the new work will have a lot to live up to.


Especially as each episode for the first run cost around 3 million pounds, half of which was provided by the BBC. Nothing is confirmed but we live in hope that The Night Manger may run again.



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