Becky & The Birds – Holding On | New Music


The debut single “Holding On” from Swedish singer and producer Becky & The Birds is a startling blend of alt-pop, trip-hop, electronics and R&B. Husky and hypnotic vocals burst into a powerful mix of sounds and all of sudden hush again, but this eclecticism is more than attractive.


The person behind the moniker is Thea Gustafsson, a 21-year-old girl from Örebro, Sweden. She has started her solo project after work with all-male producers, which left her frustrated and with lack of self-confidence.


I always had this voice inside me—society’s voice—that was like ‘No, you can’t, ‘cos you’re a girl, that’s for the boys.’ I was like, I can’t do this any more—having all these dudes mansplaining, sitting with their spread legs,” the artist explained what inspired her to take full control of her work.


Listen to the first Becky & The Birds single, which will teleport you to another planet:



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