Beckyoncé (Beck x Beyoncé) – Single Loser (Put a Beck On It) | New Music


Following all that Grammy Awards kerfuffle, Beyoncé and Beck have been mashed together gloriously by one very thoughtful Soundcloud user. Cleverly named ‘Beckyoncé’, the user has posted a mash-up of Beck’s 1993 hit “Loser” and Beyoncé’s hit “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” and the outcome is astounding. Not musically astounding by any means, but in the fact that someone was so moved by Kanye’s attack on false ‘artistry’ that they felt compelled to rid Kanye West of his demons and the burden of having to choose between Beck and Beyoncé (he is actually a fan of the former, apparently). Thus, we have Beckyoncé with “Single Loser (Put a Beck On It)”, one of the better tongue-in-cheek mash-ups floating around the web. You can listen to the track here.




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