‘Being Mary Jane’ Season 1, Episode 4 – The Huxtables Have Fallen | TV Review

Gabrielle Union as lead character Mary Jane Paul


Gabrielle Union reprising her role as Mary Jane Paul for BET’s weekly TV show has provided much needed drama-filled entertainment for the past couple of months. In the latest episode, Mary Jane is still having an affair with married man Andre Daniels. The episode begins with her performing a sexual act on Andre and her older brother Patrick catching her in the act. Patrick teases her about her affair while advising her to stop.


An awkward family breakfast at their parent’s house where her Mother chastises married men and their mistress’ causes Mary Jane to cut all contact with Andre. This proves harder than expected however and upon deleting his information, she is then forced to contact her service provider to retrieve his information via iCloud – the joys of digital technology. Meanwhile at work, producer Kara has been assigned to revamp news-reader Mark’s show which has low ratings and there are a few bumps along the way, yet they manage to resolve their differences to start brainstorming ideas.


Mary Jane is put onto a story about a woman who dies in her home but remains undiscovered until two years later. This puts Mary Jane’s life into perspective which results in her spending quality time with her older brother Patrick, who himself, understands addiction too well as he lost a successful business due to his past cocaine habit. Honing in on the episode’s title, the closing scenes see the sibling both returning to their drugs of choice despite them strengthening their bond for much of the episode.


The next episode airs on BET on Tuesday (January 28) at 10PM EST.



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