Belgian Artist Coely Returns With New Single ‘Love High’

Rising Belgian artist Coely has returned with her brand new single “Love High“. As she explains about the single, “Love High” was created in 2021, a few months after the birth of her first child, Jabari.

According to her, “The connection that my partner and I had while I was in labor, was so magical, I’ve never felt more loved and supported than in that moment. It gave me the feeling that we would be able to conquer everything together and it boosted my confidence in an unexplainable way.

The song sounds a little bit different from what I usually come up with, but every time I hear or play it, it takes me back to that magical moment in time“.

Coely is a force to be reckoned with in Belgium rap scene, and she comes with a charming laugh. Fans of her songs come from all over the world and represent a wide range of musical preferences and cultural origins.

In 2018, her album Different Waters was certified gold, and she has a number of hit singles under her belt, including “Don’t Care” and “Celebrate“. She also penned “Hush” for the movie Tueurs (Above The Law), and “More Mess” alongside Kungs and Olly Murs.

If you have seen Coely play live, regardless of whether you are a Baby Boomer, a member of Generation X, Y, or Z, or something else different, you will know that you have watched a world-class performance. She truly amazes everyone in person with her vivacity, passion, and superb voice.

Coely is ready to free her audience from the Covid shackles that have chained us all for such a long time with her new album, which is jam-packed with songs that blur the lines between hip-hop, soul, and pop. “Love High” was only a preview of things to come, and that has us eagerly anticipating the upcoming album!

Listen to “Love High” below!


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