French Rapper Kaaris Announces Comeback With Netflix Film ‘Le Roi Des Ombres’

French rapper Kaaris is back in the news. As his track “Zoo” resurfaced in the UFC recently, the rapper has also announced the release of his film Le Roi des Ombres on Netflix.

Ciryl Gane walked in to the Kaaris classic “Zoo” from his debut album, Or Noir during his fight with Jon Jones, and even though the Frenchman lost, his entrance to “Zoo” did not go unnoticed. Proof of the impact of this pre-fight performance, the song returned to the charts as it was streamed and listened to again.

Especially since the UFC has an international impact, this track from Kaaris’ first album Or Noir has been discovered by a new audience, especially in the US, and the least we can say is that it has been appreciated, according to what we have seen on the networks.

We don’t know if it was calculated or not, but we have to admit that the moment was particularly well chosen. It is also at a time when his name is back in the news that the rapper from Sevran has announced the release of the film he created, Le Roi des Ombres (In His Shadows) on Netflix.

This family drama based on an original idea by Kaaris (inspired by an ancestral Malian legend and transposed to the Parisian suburbs) and directed by Marc Fouchard will be available on the platform from March 17.

Le Roi des Ombres is Kaaris’ first feature film, but the rapper, better known for his career in music, has already made numerous appearances in films, such as Braqueurs, Lukas and Bronx.

We can’t wait to hear another single from Kaaris again, or see the rapper in more movies, but for now, we can watch the trailer for his next film on Netflix here.


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