Benedict Cumberbatch Isn’t Convinced That He’ll Be The Next Bond | Film News



Don’t expect to see Sherlock as the next 007 agent, people, because Benedict Cumberbatch just doesn’t think it’s in the cards. Although Daniel Craig has said that he’d rather slash his wrists than play James Bond again, there has still been no official confirmation as to who could take his place if or when it does become vacant.


“I don’t think they’d consider me for that, to be honest”, Cumberbatch said, when speaking to The Guardian, “I can wear a suit, and I can fight! I can raise my eyebrow, but that’s not what it takes to play Bond”.


Apart from Benedict Cumberbatch, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy and Hugh Jackman have also expressed an interest in the role, so it’s not as if the producers are short on options. Once again, however, this all depends on whether our current Bond is actually going to give up the role. If you want to see Daniel Craig as Bond for what could possibly be the last time, then check out the new 007 film Spectre when it hits the UK on October 26. The film will also be available worldwide on November 6.



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