Benedict Cumberbatch To Voice Shere Khan In ‘Jungle Book Origins’ | Film News


Benedict Cumberbatch has been handed a new voice acting role as the tiger Shere Khan, in the upcoming film Jungle Book: Origins. The film is set to be a live action version of the Disney classic, and is being developed by Warner Bros. Pictures. The film is set to be directed by Steve Kloves, who was responsible for the screenplay of the Harry Potter films, and Andy Serkis, who was the second unit director of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and the motion capture consultant for Godzilla.


Clearly, the film has some great contributors and the package is nothing short of complete with Benedict Cumberbatch as the classic, villainous tiger. Serkis has announced that the film will put a darker spin on Mowgli’s story. Indeed, dark re-imaginings of Disney classics are very popular right now, especially with the success of Maleficent. Will this film live up to the Disney classic though? Stay tuned to find out.



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