One Ok Rock – Decision | Music Video


J-rock is becoming ever more popular, and if you’re in the know about J-rock, you can’t have missed One ok Rock, the superstars of the genre. Well, the music video for the Japanese rock band’s latest song “Decision” has now been released. The track was featured as the b-side to their ninth single “Mighty Long Fall/Decision”, and has clearly been a hit. The song sees them experimenting with a Pop/Rock style reminiscent of Paramore and Fall Out Boy’s older music, and the results are music to our ears.


The music video is filmed as part of a documentary of their 2013 ‘Who are We?? Who are You??’ tour across Europe and Asia. The full documentary was entitled Fool Cool Rock and was screened in theatres for only three weeks back in May. While there has been no official word about a DVD release of the documentary, this music video might be hinting that such a thing might just happen. Watch the music video below.




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