Berlin-Based Singer-Songwriter Chris De Sarandy Unveils New Single ‘Highway Love’

Berlin-based singer-songwriter Chris de Sarandy takes listeners on an emotional journey with his latest release, “Highway Love”, a track from his upcoming EP Know Your Worth.

Following his emotionally charged indietronica single ‘Who I Once Knew,’ de Sarandy explores the concept of falling in love with the idea of escape rather than with someone, drawing inspiration from the escapist heights of songs like ‘Youth’ by Troye Sivan and ‘Free’ by Broods.

Born in the UK, Chris de Sarandy discovered his passion for Berlin when he began visiting the city to write songs and create. He found a new perspective on life and love while embracing the city’s vibrant culture. The lyrics of “Highway Love” reflect his experiences of making a clean break and pursuing a new direction in life:

Packed my bags and my feelings thought it was easy / If I tell my friends they won’t believe me / One way ticket I’ll just keep running away / Before I arrive I’m already leaving / I’ll end up in a place with no meaning / Don’t know who I am so I’ll change my name.”

De Sarandy’s journey of self-discovery and personal growth is evident in his music, which is characterized by relatable songs and a raspy, soulful voice. The 24-year-old artist started playing in an indie band at the age of 14 before transitioning to pop music. He later attended the renowned BRIT School and eventually moved to Berlin, where he worked at a design agency and collaborated with local producers and musicians.

Chris de Sarandy’s talent caught the attention of Berlin’s independent label Embassy of Music, which signed him and helped him find his unique pop niche in the city. His debut single, “Good Girl, Sad Boy,” delves into the complexities of a relationship based more on physical attraction than emotional connection. His music resonates with listeners in their mid-twenties, capturing emotions of love, heartbreak, and the joy of living.

With the release of “Highway Love” and his upcoming EP Know Your Worth, 2023 promises to be an exciting year for Chris de Sarandy. As he continues to create authentic and emotionally charged music, his growing fan base eagerly awaits his next heartfelt release.

Listen to “Highway Love” below!


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