Romanian DJ & Producer Alex Parker Unveils New Single ‘Killer’

Romanian DJ and producer Alex Parker is set to captivate the global music scene with his latest single, “Killer,” a mesmerizing fusion of modern shed and daze, inspired by his biggest influences, Skrillex and Fred Again.

“Killer” serves as the first single from Alex’s highly-anticipated debut album, showcasing an irresistible beat and soaring melodies that create a euphoric atmosphere guaranteed to keep audiences dancing all night.

Alex Parker has always been passionate about music, starting piano lessons at the age of six and performing in local Bucharest pubs by the age of thirteen.

After experimenting with rock, blues, and funk as a keyboardist, Parker honed his skills in sound design, music production, and audio mastering. He has written, produced, and mixed over 50 songs for top Romanian artists such as Antonia, Delia, and Morandi.

Parker gained international recognition in 2016 with his debut single “Tropical Sun,” followed by his 2017 releases “Synchronise” with Alexandra Stan and “Fix Your Heart” with Misha Miller.

In 2019, Parker made his Ultra Music debut with “In My Mind,” followed by “Love Games” and “Addicted.” Simultaneously, Parker collaborated with Neversea Festival (Romania’s largest electronic music festival) and became the first DJ to perform on top of a wind turbine.

He co-founded Creator Records and represents some of Eastern Europe’s most exciting artists, including Holy Molly and Olivia Addams. Parker produced and wrote European hits “Menage A Trois” and “Dumb” for them and currently has a contract with Universal Music Romania.

Listen to “Killer” below!


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