Bianca Rose Releases ‘No Fear Here’ Album | Music News


Soul/folk singer songwriter, Bianca Rose, has just released her empowering debut album, titled No Fear Here, which was produced by jazz musician and producer, Femi Temowo, and part funded by the PRS for music foundation.


No Fear Here is a fusion of folk, gospel, and jazz an expansive interpretation of the singer-songwriter genre that fuses Bianca’s folk/gospel sensibilities complemented by Femi’s diasporic perspectives.


Bianca Rose has been writing and composing for the best part of a decade, including co-writing X-Factor contestant Anastasia Baker’s debut album.


However, 2017 is the year we will see Bianca focusing on her solo material, again, and an opportunity for her to release some of the songs she’s written over the past few years.


We hope that through her music we can eradicate fear from our lives. No Fear Here is out now and available to purchase here.



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