Trump Enjoys ‘Finding Dory’ At The White House | Film News


If you haven’t already seen the buzz about Finding Dory on Twitter or Facebook, you may be a little confused as to why the family-friendly animated film is being linked to US President Donald Trump’s name.


Amidst the protests against the new travel ban refusing seven majority-Muslim countries entrance to the United States, a screening for Finding Dory began at the White House family theatre at 3pm.


Many have since taken to their social media accounts to point out the irony of the choice of film, as Finding Dory narrates the journey of an amnesiac blue tang fish hoping to reunite with her family and Trump’s executive order is increasingly separating families.


Comedian Ellen DeGeneres, who voices the film’s protagonist Dory, has not commented on the White House screening of Finding Dory, but has tweeted her protest against the ban: “For me, America is great because of all the people who came here. Not in spite of them. #NoBan“.



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