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London based singer, songwriter Bianca Rose has released her new single titled “Monsters”, along with a new music video. Bianca has been singing solo for a bit now, but before that, she was the songwriter for Ready Riters.


Due to her talent, she has collaborated with many artists such as Jake Isaac on “Run & Hide”, and she will be joining him on his tour for his new album.


Using her origins as British, Jamaican, and Nigerian as a gift in her music, Bianca released her first album No Fear Here in 2017 to rave reviews and success, garnering over 500,000 streams along the eway.


Her new track “Monsters” is produced Jazz musician Femi Temowo, who is known for his work with George Benson, Amy Winehouse, The Roots, and many others.


It is a powerful and deep single with emotional lyrics about Ahmaud Arbery’s murder last year which preceded Black Lives Matter movement.


Speaking about the track, Bianca says, “When I wrote ‘Monsters’ the world looked different. I wrote the hook literally to release my emotions after hearing and again seeing a racist murder on social media – Ahmaud Arbery. I remember thinking ‘WHY ISN’T EVERYONE SICK TO THEIR STOMACHS AND OUTRAGED BY THIS?! I just felt so sick and tired”.


She added that, “It felt like there were monsters that only black and brown people could see and have to contend with. As I continued writing and processing, I came to the place that there are monsters everywhere. Hidden in plain sight..


Injustices, insecurities, constant woundings that are largely unseen by others. Sometimes the mask slips and we get to see what others are battling, my question then is, what are we going to do, with what we’ve seen?”


Listen to “Monsters” here:




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