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With a title like that, Billie Eilish is not afraid to make a statement. The young sensation has treated fans with a new single “You Should See Me In A Crown“, that will tentatively be off her upcoming debut album.


After a psychedelic year that just gotten better an better ever since she was discovered on SoundCloud, Eilish has sharpened up her talent, teaming up with her brother-producer Finneas O’Connell on several tracks, and is now coming for Lorde‘s crown.


“You Should See Me In A Crown” is a polished and well-layered cut, that highlights Billie’s vocals skills as she whispers outside of the chorus captivating and eerie lyrics, a trademark of the singer, such as “Living or dying first/Sleeping inside a hearse/I don’t dream“.


The more soft stanzas are, of course, just the build up to the explosive chorus, where Billie claims her throne. Sliding into the door left open by Lorde, who wowed the world at only 16 years old with her “Royal” innuendo, Billie is probably bound to face this inevitable comparison.


But it would be unfair to reduce both of them to a mere copycat of each other only because they appeal to the same market. Both singers retains their own uniqueness and, given their young age, they are definitely destined for great things.


From what Billie has already showed us, with songs like “idontwannabeyouanymore” and the Khalid‘s duet “lovely“, her aptitude for well-thought lyrics and her singing abilities will make her stand out from the more trivial crow and provide the world with a new phenomenon.


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