‘Birds Of Prey’ Set Photos Leaked Give Best Visuals Of Huntress Costume | Film News


Harley Quinn movie Birds of Prey has just leaked an interesting array of photographs which shows us the costume for the Huntress, as well as first looks at Cassandra Cain.


The new movie will follow heroines Harley Quinn, Huntress and Renee Montoya as they protect Cassandra Cain from a powerful crime lord (played by Ewan McGregor).


In the images we have received, we see the girls strutting the streets of LA in the daytime, with Harley carrying an enormous bag of dog food – must be a big dog!




Among these, there are also images of Huntress in the daylight sporting a wickedly cool costume, and it’s even better than we imagined it to be:



We also see the two girls side by side here, sporting serious bad-girl vibes:



According to ScreenRant, “Production on Birds of Prey began earlier this year and the studio didn’t waste any time letting fans get a sneak peek at the look of it”.


“They released a short “teaser” that consisted of brief shots of the main cast members in their costumes, and the timing of the launch was perfect as set photos began to leak not too long after. There have been some fascinating details pulled from them already, such as Harley’s changes to her tattoos indicating a split with the Joker“.


Check out the entire collection here.



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