‘Black Christmas’ Director Sophia Takal To Helm Sci-Fi Thriller At Netflix | Film News


Sophia Takal has signed on to direct a sci-fi thriller titled Where I End at Netflix. The film is set in a world where your memories and life can be saved, uploaded to a computer and restarted in the case of your death. The story revolves around a husband that returns from the dead, suspecting his loving wife may have been involved in his death.


Imran Zaidi has written the script, with Vertigo Entertainment and Super Frog Films producing.


Takal just released her remake of Black Christmas, a film that didn’t do much at the box office but was actually a pretty smart update of the classic slasher, removing the focus from just gnarly kills to themes of misogyny and campus sexual assault. It may have been received more positively – and then maybe made more money – if Universal hadn’t taken the film out of Takal’s hands and recut it themselves.


Takal has also previously directed projects like the Persona-esque psychological thriller Always Shine and the beguiling indie Green. She’s a talented up-and-coming director, and hopefully helming a project for Netflix allows more people to see her work.



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