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Black Square Sessions have released the first episode of their Live music web series. The show is created by fans, and lasts around 35 minutes which includes seven performances by three artists and two interviews. To top it off, the show is filmed in one continuous live take!


There are due to be six episodes in the first season, the first episode includes Demob Happy, Baby in Vain and TRASH. Each show requires a small fee, but for the support of the talent and the workers behind the scenes, it is completely worth it. The creators of the show have said:


“Our show is completely independent and has no sponsors (apart from you!) This is a real DIY project created by thirteen friends who are trying to create a show that we can be proud of. All of the bands are receiving an equal cut of all the revenue generated by the show. This means that 3/4 of the purchase price goes straight to the artists… We want to keep improving the show but we can only do it with your support!”


After watching the show, it is amazing that such a small team can create something of such amazing quality with so much energy. The show radiates some really cool vibes and is definitely worth a watch, and continued support!


Find more information about the show on their facebook page here, and the trailer for the first episode below. You can get access to season pass here.




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