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Raw fish is not everyone’s cup of tea and there are still a lot of people who refuse to eat sushi. However, you’d think that celebrities, who usually hang out in fancy restaurants, would be pretty familiar with the dish! And yet, Blake Shelton seemed to be one of the few who don’t even know what it tastes like.


That’s all changed now, though, thanks to Jimmy Fallon, who decided to take Shelton to New York restaurant Nobu and initiate him into the sushi philosophy. The country singer was in for a wild ride as the strangest, most colourful courses were served one after the other. He did like some of them, but it soon became clear that sushi is not his thing.


Although, he got weirdly addicted to the rice wine! Whenever things looked tough, Shelton would yell “Can we get some more rice wine?” Of course, Fallon couldn’t stop laughing and the entire dining experience only got crazier by the course. By the time the ‘sea urchin shot’ got to the table, Shelton was too fed up to care. That Big Mac in the end surely seemed like the perfect reward…


Watch the fun clip below:




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