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Following the sensational release of his major debut single and possibly a single of the year contender “Prism of Love” with JONES, London artist Blakey returns in stunning form with his second offering “Future Skies”.


Blakey debut was nothing short of amazing – with nearly 2 million cumulative streams and counting. His second release displays his unique and incredible vocal once again. It seems to slow time down around you, with a piano-led instrumental that has the ability to give goosebumps before it builds into a refreshingly innovative, stripped back bounce of a chorus.



“It encapsulates a moment in time at the end of a 6-month journey; purgatory, self-cleansing, healing and realisation of what a future can hold, if you have the strength to try and grasp it and to finally let go of things you never imagined you could let go of. There is huge strength in that.” Blakey said on the new track.


Blakey’s unmistakable talent for the songwriting craft that’s once plainly evident. Poignant and vivid, “Future Skies” spins a celebratory tone and melody that marks the track out as a bonafide crossover gem, and with it, cements Blakey as one of the brightest young songwriting talents out now.



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