Sennheiser Shares Tips For A Great 2018 Summer Festival Season | Music News


Dance like nobody’s watching” but be prepared in case of possible setbacks: this is the key message in the nice and absolutely useful guide provided by Sennheiser, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, microphones and wireless transmission systems since 1945.


It’s summertime and festivals are everywhere, you just need to choose which one, prepare your backpack, organise the journey with some friends and find your place before the show begins. But especially for events that last more days, or require long time to wait – or worse – queuing, you have to be ready to survive the madness in style.


The first tip given is interchangeable and can be exploited in every daily life task or occurrence: take only the essentials with you. We should learn to avoid the pitfall of bringing too many things with us and then maybe forget about the important ones! Minimalism is a great source of education, especially living in social context.


So, if you go to festivals with other people, squeezed in a van first and in the crazy crowd after, how can you just imagine taking with you half of your wardrobe, personal items and extra, inconvenient things? Keep just the important objects and find a way to store them safely, locked or with you.


Another really fundamental thing you need to have at hand during festivals is water: remember to drink, so your body will be hydrated and you won’t feel low, tired, and at the risk of not enjoying the experience. At the same time, find a moment for yourself in the mess, to listen to your soul and then live the party totally!


Furthermore, the festival party-animal is meticulously prepared for any weather, that means: sunscreen, hat, tents, but also raincoats, plastic bags to keep clothes dry and why not, wellies.


Everyone around you is going crazy, so why not join in the fun? Once you feel ready, organized, you won’t lose any energy and will be able to live the festival without thinking, having a 100% great time.



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