Blink 182 Inspired Band Fountain Island Releases ‘Pretty Little Nightmare’

Fountain Island, a passionate duo Alex and Ella has just released a new single “Pretty Little Nightmare” and it’s getting the attention it deserves.

“Pretty Little Nightmare” explores the bittersweetness of the first time with a loved one and the realisation that one day it will just be a memory and can never be experienced again. Taking cues from Blink 182’s “I Miss You” with its melancholy gothic tone whilst retaining the youthful pop feel.

Fountain Island is a pop punk band from the South East of the UK that aspires to be the soundtrack for those of us who are urged to stay in our lane and not follow our ambitions. They come with passionate melodic choruses, infectious pop rock with emo undertones, and ferocious live performances all the way from Kent.

During the protracted lockdowns, Alex constructed Fountain Island in his daydreams of becoming a singer in a band one day. Inspired by the 00s emo rock bands he grew up listening to, like All American Rejects, My Chemical Romance, and Fall Out Boy.

Former emo adolescents Alex (vocals) and Ella (drums) combine their passion for punk with contemporary pop and trap sounds to produce their own contagious brand of new school punk.

Listen and enjoy the new release “Pretty Little Nightmare” below!


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  1. I see great potential with this band, though small now I’m sure Fountain Island will find (or resurface) their song-to-fame very soon. Perhaps however, they need to find a fresh take on pop punk. While writing I am currently listening to their song Watercolour Heart, It’s like a journey to see how this band develops in current time. As a fan of other similar genre like screamo/emo, I’d love to see Fountain Island delve into them for inspiration-if only for a Single release.

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