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Whilst incarcerated, 21-year-old MC Bobby Shmurda seems to haven taken to the prison library to read up on his case. He states that “I’ve been locked up for 14-15 months now [and] been in the law library, so I looked up several laws pertaining to my case saying that my bail isn’t supposed to be high and their violating the eighth amendment with that“.


They violating my constitutional rights, my civil rights, everything. I’m not even supposed to be in Manhattan right now, I want everybody to know that. All of this is claims. I got a narcotics D.A. and there’s no drugs caught in this case. There’s no drugs, no kingpin charges, nothing“, he adds.


He believes that his case is not in isolation either, as he says that this is happening with hundreds of cases across America. Shmurda’s trial has been pushed back to May 11, but he has doubts that the date will stay fixed as he feels the courts have no evidence against him and are biding their time. He comments: “I feel like what they’re doing right now is what they do to a lot of people when they don’t have no case on them… I was targeted because of my rap music, it’s crazy”. Listen to the full interview here:




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