Bobby Shmurda Signs With Epic Records | Music News


Bobby Shmurda, the guy responsible for the viral ‘Shmoney Dance’, has turned his overnight fame into a deal with Epic Records. The news was confirmed on Instagram last night (July 17) by label executive Sha Money XL, whose caption read, “deal is done @bobby_shmurda #EPIC no one does the underdogs better then me. Brooklyn this 1 is for you!“.


If you haven’t heard of Bobby Shmurda or seen his infamous dance skills, feel free to direct yourself to Vine, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube – basically any social media platform where views of the dance have entered into their millions. Originally featured in Shmurda’s “Hot N***as” video, the dance has not only become a funny meme, but has been recreated by the likes of Beyonce and Jay Z during their ‘On The Run’ tour, and Drake at the recent ESPYS.


There is even word of a “Hot N***as” remix featuring French Montana in the works. Not bad for a guy who is only 20 years old. Some are still trying to figure out how a 6-second Vine video has landed Bobby Shmurda a record deal, but it just goes to show how strong and sometimes strange the power of social media is. It is a pretty catchy dance though!





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