BODUR Shares New Single ‘Don’t Beat The Sweat Out Of My Boy’ Featuring Denzel Himself

London-born Turkish-Sri Lankan artist, BODUR, breaks new ground with her latest single, “Don’t Beat The Sweet Out Of My Boy,” launched under PACE records.

This enticing song emerged from a collaboration with producer Lapsung, who helped transform BODUR’s poem – a touching narrative of her younger brother’s transition from boyhood to adulthood – into a captivating musical piece.

In this track, the 25-year-old artist masterfully weaves a rhythmic protest against the confining grip of toxic masculinity. Her striking metaphors, such as “don’t turn his hands into fists, into blades,” vividly encapsulate her appeal for gentleness in the face of societal expectations for young men.

In her upcoming three-track EP, ÖZ, she is joined by the enigmatic rapper and producer, Denzel Himself, a long-time collaborator. His powerful verse harmoniously blends into BODUR’s unique musical realm.

With a mission to channel her inherent talents for introspection and self-analysis into her music, BODUR is crafting an innovative sound that embraces her diverse identities and mixed heritage. Her artistic evolution and authentic sound and visual aesthetics have proven inspiring to a generation of South Asian and Middle Eastern women in the UK.

Following his successful European tour, Denzel Himself, whose fan base includes the likes of Björk, has gained prominence in the music scene. His performances included headline shows in London, and intimate gigs in cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, Belgium, Berlin, and Copenhagen.

Simultaneously, BODUR marked the debut of her track, “GORGEOUS”, garnering support from a wide array of tastemakers including COLORS, Wonderland, Notion Magazine, and Clash Magazine

Tune in and immerse yourself in BODUR’s and Denzel Himself’s heartfelt new release, “Don’t Beat The Sweet Out Of My Boy” below!


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