Melbourne Artist Seph Cove Drops New Single ‘Give Me A Reason’

Melbourne-born artist Seph Cove, also known as Ben Steiner, capitalizes on the successful release of his song “Higher Now” with a captivating new track titled “Give Me A Reason“. Steiner returns to the spotlight after spending a year rediscovering himself both locally and abroad.

“Give Me A Reason” showcases Seph’s poignant introspection on time, regret, and the persistence of past decisions. The song delves into the longing to foresee one’s life trajectory, wishing to have that singular pivotal moment when a question asked and its subsequent answer could have changed everything.

The track was brought to life in New York, with Will Baker lending his expertise in recording and production. The mixing was expertly handled by Caleb Harris, who also contributed guitar parts, while Chris Henderson mastered the track to perfection.

Seph Cove has not only performed to sold-out audiences in his hometown and supported the ARIA Award-winning artist Budjerah, but he’s also managed to amass over 2.5 million Spotify streams. Impressively, Seph achieved all of this independently, without the advantages of radio plays, national tours, or prior public relations assistance.

The second track from his EP Unsafe Passage was aired on Triple J’s Home and Hosed and featured globally on platforms like Variance and Alfitude.

Seph is a charismatic performer, headlining various local events and drawing crowds to intimate post-lockdown performances at The Little Poet Bookstore and the Otherside. Moreover, he enjoyed a triumphant return to Melbourne, packing out the Fitzroy Workers Club.

Driven and ambitious, Ben continues to strive for greater achievements, aiming to reach wider audiences and foster profound connections within his community.

Listen to the compelling new single “Give Me A Reason” by Seph Cove below:


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