‘Bojack Horseman’ – More Than Just A One Trick Sitcom | TV Review


It’s hard to imagine an animated sitcom about a washed-up talking Horse appearing on any traditional network. But thanks to Netflix, we don’t need too. Bojack Horseman returned for its second season last Friday, with all twelve episodes being available to instantly stream in true Netflix style.


Many critics dismissed the show upon its release last year, stating it paled when compared with similar comedies. However judging Bojack on its comedy value alone is the mistake. It’s much more than a simple crude throwaway comedy. It’s a sad, sometimes tragic journey, about complex characters each in their own separate ways searching for some sort of happy equilibrium. The title character, Bojack, never seems sure if he wants to be defined by the fame he’s consumed by, or break free from it.


It’s the blend of poignant character emotion laced with clever humour normally coming in the form of social critique, that makes Bojack Horseman one of the most unique series on television at the moment. Certainly proving, it’s more than just a one trick sitcom. Both seasons of Bojack Horseman are available to stream from Netflix.



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