Bolivian Artist And Actress Ale Alas Releases Energetic New Track ‘Taiger’

Bolivian mother, performer and actress Ale Alas has just released an energetic new track “Taiger” which she aims to break the stereotypes of moms around the world feeling shame due to enjoying their body and twerking.

Ale is a mother, performer, actress, singer, and dancer from Bolivia. Being a native descendant, inheriting her mother’s calling, her love of barefoot running, and the call of the Amazonian drums.

Ale’s revolution is her singing, which she does with all the joy in her body. She sings about sexuality, female pleasure, freedom, a rifle. She fights against prejudice and the false categorization of women into “good” and “bad” ones.

The idea behind the track is an interesting one. It comes from a famous Spanish say, the expression “Calladita te ves más bonita,” which translates from Spanish as “You look prettier when you’re quiet.”

The lyrics are also very detailed and full of meanings. The new release is a rhythm of pure irreverence. It aims to dismantle the false social stereotype of the “Alpha Male,” who thinks that being rough and violent makes him attractive. Love without abuse or in freedom is sexy; “Nos gustan Taiger y no violentos” (we like them taiger and nonviolent).

“Taiger” invokes the rhythm and spice that run through our veins; the animal cries of the drums are very much a part of who we Latina women are. We can feel the freedom and pleasure/satisfaction of our bodies, but deep down, almost inaudibly, the guilt of experiencing pleasure echoes.

“Without twerking, there’s no revolution”, the artist says, “Because while dancing like that, we connect with our bodies and happiness beats prejudice and guilt, freeing us of the stigmas they created to keep us there: quiet and shameful”.

Listen and enjoy the new release “Taiger” by Ale Alas below!


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