Florida Artist Qwiet Type Shares His New Track ‘My Dear’

Florida-based artist Qwiet Type has released his new track titled “My Dear”.

Matt Powell, a musician and performer from Florida better known by his stage name Qwiet Type, has been dominating streaming services with a distinctive mashup of indie rock and upbeat electropop.

Qwiet Type was a drummer from a young age, and started playing other instruments by ear, before eventually going on found the popular alt-rock band Elliptical as well as various other entertainment and music businesses.

He went back to making music in 2019, and he collaborated with producer Taylor Franklyn to release a batch of well-received tunes that immediately grabbed popularity on a variety of streaming services.

When killer guitar hooks, ambiance-inducing sonic textures, and a distinctive vocal performance are combined, the result is a track that would sound just as at home on a large elaborate stage as it would in a more intimate setting.

Qwiet Type is an exciting creative force that has returned with yet another outstanding piece of electrifying anthemic alternative rock.

It’s a very energetic and rhythmic piece that is very pleasant to listen to. The singer’s voice is also very pleasant.

The mood and melody, as with any Qwiet Type song, are of the utmost importance and give the music its instantly recognisable feeling of personality.

The performances and composition in “My Dear” as with every Qwiet Type track, are of an exceptionally high calibre. Each performance not only demonstrates a level of maturity and attention to detail that enables the writing’s complexities to be fully realised.

But there is also a palpable sense of synergy between each performer that gives the music the necessary musical depth and a profound sense of character to be continually absorbing.

Listen and enjoy the new release “My Dear” by Qwiet Type below !


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