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What director Bong Joon Ho‘s follow-up to huge Oscar hit Parasite will be has been hotly debated ever since the film won multiple golden statues back in 2020. While it’s highly expected that his next film will be a mysterious English-language project based on an undisclosed true event from 2016, he’s also reportedly developing an animated action-horror film.


The animated movie will revolve around deep-water sea creatures. The screenplay was completed in January, and written in collaboration with Korean animation company 4th Creative Party, which has previously worked on several of Bong’s movies, including Snowpiercer, Okja, and Mother.


We don’t know much else at this point, but Bong has made a film about a big creature before: 2006’s The Host. Maybe elements of that can be transferred to animation, although he previously mentioned that both of these projects will on a similar scale to Parasite. He has made a career of expertly genre-bending in his films, so an animated horror movie only makes sense as the logical next step.


Unsurprisingly, Bong is a busy man after Parasite became the first non-English language film to win the Oscar for Best Picture last year. Alongside these two film projects, he’s also working alongside Adam McKay on the Parasite series in the works at HBO, while he’s also producing Matt Palmer‘s Sea Fog, an adaptation of the 2014 Korean-language film Haemoo, which Bong co-wrote.


We’ll wait for more news regarding this animated project, but also about Bong’s likely next film, the one based on a true story.



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